What additional, useful internet fax resources are available?

tpc.int - The only continuously, completely-free internet fax service on the web.

Internet Fax FAQ - Answers the question "How can I send a fax from the internet?".

eFax - The world's most popular internet fax service with millions of users.

Internet Fax section in the Open Directory (DMOZ).

Fax from Microsoft Office - Internet Fax services which support integrated faxing from within the MS Office suite.

DSL Fax - The most popular internet fax related question - "Can I send a fax through DSL?" on faxbeep.com, on dslreports.com and on Google Answers.

List of personal internet fax services on slipstick.com.


I use Popfax.com fax email service and it doesn't need any phone line or software installation, just the internet connection. It's cheap, flexible and convenient for everyone.