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[Editor: The following is collated from separate posts by the provider]

Docuharbor converts all faxes to PDF files so you just need the Adobe reader.

They have a web site where you can login to pickup a fax that was emailed to you. An online filing cabinet to store faxes or anything else online.

It's possible to receive a fax and then forwarding it to the email addresses recipients. The emailed fax is not sent as an attachment, but as an email link. So there are no problems with large faxes sent as attachments or firewalls. Forwarded links can also be tracked so the user knows that the recipient opened it.

The cheapest plan is $9.95 a month and that includes 30 minutes of faxing and a toll-free number. The emailing links is unlimited.

At first the site is hard to understand because there isn't much information about the service. Its power lies in the logged-in screens.

Docuharbor has been purchased by Comodo and is now called Trustfax. See faxbeep entry here.