Link: http://www.ozefax.com

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Gives users an inbound number (Australian local only). Users can choose the area code in which their number is assigned. Faxes can be received in either TIF or PDF format.

Monthly subscription for inbound numbers range from AUS$8 to AUS$25.

Outbound faxing: Faxes can be submitted through the following interfaces: email, or printer driver software.

Ozefax also offers freecall numbers for Australian and New Zealand clients.

:lol: goodness me ...most of the posts on this thread seem to be placed by an employee of ozefax....

Are there any updates on their service? :P


Yes, it would seem that way on review, however please be assured that we would not instruct or encourage our staff to do this.

If I recall correctly, we did ask a number of new customers to take the liberty of adding their comments about our service (optional of course).

We no longer do this.

Kind regards,
One of the Ozefax Managers