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They make you recharge your account every 6 months, or else they cut off your service and pocket the money that's all-ready there. Here is the notice they sent me before they cut off my service:

Dear Valued Customer,

Time is growing short! Your Account & PIN (Username:*******) will expire in 48 hours on 4/20/2006 since you have not recharged your account within the past 6 months.* To be able to continue taking advantage of Pincity's low rates and convenient service, simply recharge your account by phone or online. We will still offer you a special 10% discount on your recharge if you act now. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Here is a link to their terms and conditions, which at this time 2006-05-21 includes the 6-months default account expiration policy:

I signed up for pincity several years ago, which is a telecommunications company providing long distance as well as other services. I used their iFAX service, which allows users to send a fax over the email to a fax machine. This service served me well for over the years. At one point, PinCity had problems with the service, (it no longer worked). I emailed the customer service representative on several occasions (and even called) and they said they were working on the problem to get it fixxed. Well about a month or two went by, and then they discontinued the iFax service without warning.. Meanwhile, their service is a PREPAID service, which means you need to "fund" your account to get it to work.. . I currently have $84.66 "in my account" with them, that I was planning on using the iFAX service. Since they discontinued the service without prior warning, I have no use for the funds that I have in my account with them. I have emailed them no less than THREE times asking for a FULL refund of my unused balance, since I will no longer be needing their services. They have ignored my emails to date, and have not issued a refund. I am therefore asking for a refund of my account balance at this point. $84.66

I surmise what happened is that pincity outsourced the iFax service to someone like Jfax.. Pin City had problems with Jfax, and either pincity or Jfax cut off pincity.

I would reccomend avoiding PIN CITY AT ALL COSTS.

City, State, Zip: CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA 90601
Phone: (562) 205-1000
Alt Phone: (000) 000-0000
Fax: (562) 205-1010