Pumaone (UK)

Link: http://www.pumaone.co.uk

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From their website:

PumaOne FreeFax: Free inbound service on numbers with 0871 area code (national rate, high charge). Number cannot be called from abroad, service does not include SMS notification.

PumaOne Lite: £15/year inbound service on numbers with 0870 area code (national rate, lower charge). Number may be called from abroad, service includes SMS notification.

PumaOne Email to Fax: £10/year + £5/month minimum usage. 7-day trial with 20 free faxes to UK landlines. 5p/page to UK, 8p/page to US and Western Europe.

:) Have been using puma all this week, all ok so far. I only need to receive faxes so can go with the free service. my clients have not complained about the 0871 number so far... I am reassured by the comments about managing to get in touch with a human being easily. Am recently scarred by encounter with efax... hoping this will be better!!

Press Release: j2 Global Acquires Puma Unified Communications Limited

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15 - j2 today announced that it has acquired Puma Unified Communications Limited, a United Kingdom-based provider of messaging services.

Since 2001, Puma has provided fax, voice and SMS services to a wide variety of businesses, including many of the United Kingdom's largest companies. Puma is headquartered in Egham, Surrey, U.K.

The acquisition is part of j2 Global's ongoing strategy to expand its services throughout Europe. j2 Global provides local area code phone numbers in 170 United Kingdom cities.

"We are on an expansion course in Europe," said Hemi Zucker, co-president and chief operating officer of j2 Global. "During 2005, we have been building our customer base in the U.K. and in Western Europe. The acquisition of Puma Unified Communications, combined with building and organizing our local U.K. management team, has bolstered our competitive position in the United Kingdom. We are pleased with our progress in developing our non-U.S.-centric approach to international markets."

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed and the financial impact to j2 Global is immaterial.