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Prepaid Send2Fax $1 mo, ($20 charged, with spend-down)
0.15 per page in or out
Executive $7.95
100 free pages per month, then 10cents/page
Send faxes from our website

I was really pleased when a real person answered the phone when I was having problems sending resumes.

Best service and value...


They claim that you can attach MS Word documents, but this proved hit or miss. To their credit, a simple text document from Word was processed properly, but standard cover page templates caused errors. They took as long as 24 hours to process some of the faxes. Browsing on their web pages is very slow "I have a high speed connection and their pages would sometimes take over a minute to load). When contacted for service, they responded to half of my emails, but did respond rapidly. They claimed they were having technical difficulty. I guess that I'm just unlucky to have tried their service at this time, but I will cancel the service because of the "technical difficulties". They should have a backup in place if they are charging for a critical business service like faxing. Watch this one and see if they get better...


i also subscribed today but so far no faxes have arrived
they seem stalled by the technical difficulties

Extremely disappointed with this service!!! I have had nothing but problems with using this service.
My problems were with using Send2Fax and MS Office 2003.

Problem #1
I would send a fax through Outlook 2003 and it would get routed to Send2Fax, then about 20 minutes later I would get a Fax Failure message. It would try to send the fax 3 times and if it was unsucessful you would get a fax failure message. Also there is no resend option, so you would have to construct a new fax (fill in cover sheet, select attachments, fill out To:, Subject:, Number: boxes.

Problem 2
I would send a fax and receive a fax failure, then I would resend. After 5-10 minutes I would start receiving Fax Successful e-mails- 8 of them!! One such fax was 20 pages, so in addition to running up my bill with Send2Fax (20 X 8) I also received a call from the person I was sending the fax to telling me to stop send them the same fax over and over again. Not only was I wasting a lot of their paper, but I was also tieing up their fax machine.

Problem 3
Most of the time their cover pages would print last. Also I tried to customize the cover sheet with my company logo and their service sent one page with the correct customized cover letter (last page) and one page of just the company logo. This may have been my fault, as I may not have set up the cover page properly.

Perhaps you could use this service without going through Outlook 2003 and not have the same problem; but if you sign up for this service with the expectation that you want to integrate this with Outlook 2003- beware .

Didn't work using PDF files generated from FinePrint PDF Factory.

THis service is nearly the worst fax service we tested. We send about 1300 pages per month, and it fails on over half of them. The only service I found that was worse was one that used IP phone lines to send the faxes. We switched to ufax. its much less expensive and 90% more reliable. If you send more than 10 pages a month, dont even consider using send2fax!!! Trust me!

I am investigating every option right now to try to get them to stop billing my credit card $20.00 everytime they want to - without any way via the website to unsubscribe and no compliance with my 3 requests via phone or email. They just simply won't deactivate my service and they continue to charge my credit card. The big irony is that I have never been able to send a fax through them.. BEWARE - don't give them your credit card...

Have you tried FAXCOM Anywhere? FAXCOM Anywhere online faxing and email fax They actually have 24 hour service and are very friendly. I haven't tried send2fax, but I have used eFax and they had issues solving my problems right away! I use faxcom anywhere's email fax service for the "office". We run a consultancy business for our clients and send resumes of potential employees from our MA office to NH and RI office. I suggest and recommend faxcom anywhere highly as an email to fax service. Thier internet fax service is set-up in seconds and there are "real" people to talk to! I know that may sound funny, but it gets very, very frusterating when you just want an honest answer or help. Oh yeah and someone mentioned sending a PDF fax...faxcom anyhwere supports all document formats including PDF, word, PPT... Let me tell you it is soooo much easier than a fax machine! I just open my email everyday and fax directly from our email inbox. If I have paper documents then I run them through a little scanner on my desktop and send away through their fax service.

Goodluck! :rolleyes:

Everything everyone has written about them is correct ... and more! They are simply the sleazebags of this industry. I hope everyone will enjoy the following narrative. I have been with them for over a year. I only receive faxes and about 75% of them to do not get to me. When I have contacted them by phone, I often got to speak to someone (OK, this is a plus), but they could never locate the disappearing fax. On many occasions, I would send myself TEST faxes just to see if they came back to me. Rarely did this happen. On 01/16/05, I e-mailed the company about a test fax I never received. They replied quickly and asked me for more information, which I supplied. I also mentioned that I had read on a message board that someone called them "the worst." They HONESTLY wrote to me and asked, "Where did you read this? ... We always want to improve." I replied that it was not my job to help them improve or mitigate their negative PR; it was their job to provide reliable service. I also asked how to cancel my account. It's a simple process: just send then am e-mail, but they charge a $5.00 "cancellation fee"! This may be the only company that charges customers to extricate themselves from mediocre service. The fee IS listed in their Terms and Conditions, but I do wonder if it was i the T&C that was current when I signed up. Regardless, I will be very surprised if I receive a refund of my account balance in a timely manner, but I will make them sweat big time for the few dollars they are holding in my account. THERE IS NO REASON WHATSOEVER FOR ANYONE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS COMPANY'S SERVICE. And if you read anywhere that they are reliable and smart, it will have to be written a company rep or someone affiliated with these jerks. Have a nice day.

I've been using them for over a year because my old fax line had turned into a junk fax depository. I've had no problems. I only use them to receive faxes.

Can't recommend.

I've used send2fax just to receive occasional international faxes. It was very cost effective for the low volumes of faxes I received on this local number (most of my business is on 800 numbers on another service). After a couple of years on the service, Send2fax sent me an announcement stating that I needed to change my fax number because they were loosing their rights to certain numbers. I wasn't pleased about this but went along and had to go through the hassle of notifying customers and changing the number everywhere it existed. Then, 6 months later I get another notice saying I need to change my number again. That was just too much.

I could not possibly see how I could recommend this service to anyone that needs a local fax number to receive faxes.

I am a very light fax user (10 fax pages per year) and did not have technical difficulties with send2fax. However, like few people here before me, have great difficulties with their customer service in regards to charges and service cancellation:
- Send2fax has quietly increased monthly billing 3 times for their basic service
- it is virtually impossible to remove the automatic charges to my credit card or cancel the service
- customer service is ignorant and slow

I would not recommend the service.

Be aware. Never give your credit card information to Send2Fax!!!

I signed up for a low rate. Then the price suddenly increased by 300% !!!

They don't give any information. They don't send bills!

They keep charging your credit card.



After contemplating the last automatic $20 withdrawal by Send2Fax (which seem to be coming more frequently), I realized that this service just didn't make financial sense. So I closed my account. That's when I found out that the funds Send2Fax withdrew from my account are NON-REFUNDABLE as stated in their current terms and conditions (Section 11).

Also, Send2Fax may (and do) change pricing without direct notification! I found this out the hard way.


S2F reserves the right to change prices or institute new charges for access to or use of the Services. All changes will be posted by S2F on the Website and you are responsible for regularly reviewing such pricing information to obtain timely notice of such changes. Continued use of the Services or non-termination of your account after changes are posted constitutes your acceptance of the prices as modified by the posted changes.

Buyer beware:
Be sure to make copies of the terms and conditions at the time you sign up.
Read Send2Fax terms carefully or better yet, go somewhere else!

Watch out for Ferengis.