The Phone Company Remote Printing Experiment

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This is a voluntary co-operation of individuals who set up faxing servers in their area code. When you send a fax through TPC, the network decides which server to use for sending your fax.

Each server administrator may decide whether to add an advertisement to the cover page of the fax.

There is a list of worldwide dialling codes to which the network offers coverage at


I have used these services for about 6 years to communicate from New Zealand to family in the United Kindom.

Totally free to send. Cost of receipt is the extra 1/2 page or so of ads which accompany the message. Does not support graphics - just plain text. Send an email in HTML and it fails... but you do get told. Attempts to deliver Fax three times and sends an email to sender after each attempt with the results. My faxes to the UK experience problems around Christmas fortnight - this happens almost every year! I can tell when this happens because even the receipt emails stop!

Generally an excellent service. My thanks go to the TPC guys and gals.

I use eFax for FAX to eMail and that has worked fine too.

Palmerston North
New Zealand

:angry: This service seems to be non existant--I have not ever had success in sending a fax--I never get confirmation that it has been sent--but ya get what ya pay for, I guess...why don't they just come out and say " We are a big lie..."

munkietayle, isn't a lie, but granted, their coverage is very spotty and inconsistent. Several faxes sent out to the UK a couple of weeks ago arrived flawlessly within minutes, as did the confirmation. I suppose it depends on the volunteers in your fax's destination area.

I've used TPC to send a FAX, but my FAX machine is not answering. How do I stop TPC resending, my mailbox is filling up with Notification messages!!!

I am trying to find the TPC fax server in Anchorage, Alaska. Anybody know who they are? This is the only real drawback that I can see with TPC. It's hard to get an email past their spam filters. And even more difficult to locate the owners of a cell.

I like the idea though. It's how I want the internet and world to be. Free and cooperative.