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Hi Guys

My personal need for a fax machine is no greater than 30 pages a year! Yet I do not want to pay $150 Plus for the privilige of having this ability. (Can I afford it.. Yes but just because you can does not mean you should waste your money). So I decided to create (well my team really) a product range that would allow me (or people like me :) ) to have the ability to have the online Fax ability for a mere $9.95 a year.

I also decided that I hate SPAM and because there are laws against sending spam faxes to toll free numbers I decided to make it a Toll free number. And also because I do not like not being able to have access to my faxes anywhere in the world, I created an online folder where you can store and access your faxes (and any file actually).

So, here I am introducing as the solution to everyone and I would love to hear your views on what we have to offer and any ideas about how to improve the product would be greatly appreciated.


on behalf of the Trustfax Team



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PRLeap Press Release Dated 5 Dec 2004:

Comodo acquires User Trust Inc and Docuharbor secure fax service

Comodo Group ... has acquired User Trust Inc., parent company of Docuharbor Inc. - a fully automated online facsimile and email provider that enables users to securely send, receive, track and store fax documents from any Internet-capable PC.

"This represents a significant addition to our portfolio and enables us to accelerate progress towards meeting the growing commercial demands for more flexible, efficient and secure communications infrastructures," says Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO of Comodo Group.


We acquired UserTrust as they had some pretty neat technologies in creating "Paperless Office". the Product called Docuharbor ( is a product well ahead of its time. With the right marketing and identification of unfullfilled market space, we thought about launching a new product called based on the UserVault technology developed by UserTrust. As Comodo we have big ambitions in trying to create a "Total Business Automation" using Web Technologies and UserTrust and its highly experienced Crew fits the bill perfectly in the Paperless Office arena. Now, we want everyone to benefit from as it really was produced for allowing everyone to have access to online Faxing without costing an arm and a leg. The same business model we employed against Verisign in 2002 where we sold Digital Certificates (SSL Certificates) for $49 a year compared to Verisign who was selling them for $800 a year! We built a very profitable business out of this while making Digital Certificates affordable. We believe we can do the same to Efax :D in the online faxing market. As Comodo our philosphy is delivering the most cost effective, technologically more advanced product with the best possible customer care. And
we will strive to deliver just that in the Online Faxing!


Melih Abdulhayoglu
CEO of Comodo Group

Just what I've been looking for. Easy to use, every feature I could need, and it's pretty cheap too!

Good work guys

When is the plan to include the facility to send to international fax numbers with Trustfax?

Thanks in advance.

We are working on it right now.

We will have this very soon.

We are also going to have local numbers and total Private labelling (eg: you can have your own branded Online Fax Service and sell it without having to have your own infrastructure.


Mr Trustfax

Just signed up for FaxTrust half hour ago and tested sending and receiving. Am paying $9.95 per year plus 10 cents a page for both send and receive. It's early in the game, but so far so good. The functionality and appearance of the web site are good, nothing fancy, but stable and functional. I don't have any personal or business relationship with this company, this is my truthful opinion. Will try it for a while and will provide more feedback in this forum. Had a bad experience with Efax's free service, and the paid service is terribly expensive, unless you send/receive a lot of faxes. In my case, I send/receive faxes about 2-4 times a month, so this service fits my situation. When you sign up, you get a free trial of 5 pages, which allows you to test functionality before the meter starts running. Happy for now...we'll see what the future holds.

The old docuharbor page is closed, although I think it still exists as a seperate product to Trustfax, so it should remain open, even if the providers of Trustfax have purchased Docuharbor.

My experience with Docuharbor was bad. Ther service looked reasonable enough, and I just happened to jump on the first free trial deal for an online fax place I saw. The original terms were 30 days free then a recurring montly billing of $9.95. It was a pretty limited trial with low montly limits but I only had need for a couple faxes the first two months.

The user interface was clunky, the site a little slow and the service was mediocre altogether. Nothing special but functional. Not a dealbreaker.

After the free trial month expired, Docuharbor billed me and I stayed on until a week before my 2nd month would end. Then I cancelled my subscription. The next day I was surprised to see my credit card billed for the third month (2nd non free month). I emailed their support and they told me their billing cycle started on the 1st of the month so that's when they billed me. Except...that's not when I was billed for my first month and that doesn't make any sense. It may have been in their Terms of Service (and with such small print, most companies can find space to put just about anything in their fineprint), but switching of the billing cycles midcontract makes no sense. It was a typical "Gotcha" type way of online business.

I explained myself politely to their customer support. Look, I will have faxing needs in the future, but it makes me not want to use your service in the future knowing that the billing carpet can be pulled out from underneath me. I used 26 days worth of your paid service and yet I am paying for 60 days worth, doesn't it make sense to just give me a refund?

The reply was that no refunds would be coming.

I explained very explicitly, do you, Docuharbor, value my current $9.95 greater than you value my future business?

The reply to that was no refund would be forthcoming because of their ToS. (Gotcha!)

Well they did get me, I suppose. To be exact, Docuharbor got $9.95 from me. But I got something too, the inspiration to start a blog outlining why I think Docuharbor Is a Bad Service.

I think for these small online companies, with sometimes sketchy business practices and poor customer service, they think they get away with whatever they want. What can angry customers do? Email us? Security in obscurity. That's why I started the site I linked above, to counteract that and shed the light on what I think was poor customer service.

There is a real onus on internet companies to be upstanding and honest and not to play games because consumers need to be able to trust who they give their credit card online, trust who they let handle their private documents, and trust that they won't be screwed. And Docuharbor failed that trust test for me.

I know nothing of Trustfax and it's encouraging that the CEO is here addressing his service. It takes courage to stand behind a product with such forthrightness. It's features also look like a good deal for the price ($9.95 a year). However it may be hard to trust the anonymous users who claim to love the service as well -- couldn't they just as easily be Trustfax employees pretending to be consumers? It looks like Joe Simon does a good job of setting an appropriate tone on this forum, but it's always hard to tell.

That's all I have. Peace.

I am sorry that you had a bad experience with docuharbor people.

I am a total believer in offering a "Service" not a product...

What that means is that Customer Care is the upmost important component along with good product. I can assure you that at Trustfax the Customer is always right. This is the only way.

Comodo (the parent company to Trustfax) was built on offering unparalled customer care. We hope to continue with that tradition for our Trustfax customers too.

I would encourage everyone to give Trustfax a go as we have created a product that I believe is a good product and more importantly good value.



Mr Trustfax,

Is there any news on the ability to send to inernational numbers or the local numbers?

I'm based in the UK and far east - can people call US toll free numbers from overseas?

Hi Rob

The guys are busy, as we speak, coding all the necessary changes to the international numbers. We hope to finalise it by the end of summer (fingers crossed :-).

As far as I know you should be able to fax to the toll free number from anywhere in the world, and people who are dialling this toll free fax number simply get charged their own international rate as normal (ie: not toll free to them).


Have used TrustFax now for two months and it has worked flawlessly and the price is only $9.95US per year and $.10US per page. The trial period is 30 days as they state on their website and at the end of 30 days you either sign up and pay or let the trial period lapse. Sending and receiving faxes is quick and painless and their is no extra equipment to maintain.

Trustfax now has Internationall dialling!
We also added Secure Email facility. What that means is that you can email anyone your faxes or any other document you wish (that you have uploaded to your online folder) and it can be password protected! the only for the recipient to view it is by entering the password! This makes this Faxing a secure emailing system that could be used Health Professionals for HIPAA compliancy.

You can send large (very large) files to anyone. The problem with emails is that it does not let you send large files. With Trustfax you can send HUGE files if you like! and you won't have any problems

And Its secure!

Security and ease of use is the biggest feature that differentiates Trustfax.

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I just found tis site, and was wondering why it says that trustfax starts at $9.95 per yaer when the trustfax site says 19.95?

Did the price go up, os is there a trust fax basic???

Mr trustfax

I registered for the trust fax trial today and when contacting the UK helpline 0161 874 7070 I was told that the service was only for USA numbers. They were not aware of any UK services available.

What I am trying to do is to be able to send documents from my home PC to a work fax machine (both in the UK) - is this possible.


Well we don't have any UK numbers yet!
However, you can have a toll free US number and fax to UK (i think its 14 cents pls check the pricing on our website, per page which is under 8 pence per page!

So you send faxes to UK but your number will be a US based number.

We are working on expanding the service to other countries as well, first stop is UK :-)

Bill wrote:
I just found tis site, and was wondering why it says that trustfax starts at $9.95 per yaer when the trustfax site says 19.95?

Did the price go up, os is there a trust fax basic???

We no longer run that promotional price of $9.95.

However, equally valuable and economical $19.95 plan that will get you good number of pages a year for a low volume user.

Just signed up for a trial account. Signup went fairly smoothly and I like how all the account information is clearly displayed when you login. Only problem I ran into was I tried to use an American Express credit card to signup and the website wouldn't allow it because it said I needed to enter a 3-digit PVS security code which American Express doesn't have on their cards.

Given that it is an 800 number, how does one receive faxes from overseas? Many a overseas location cannot access the 800 numbers in NorthAmerica. I understand providing a non 800 number would negate the Fax SPAM fighting effects of the 800 number, is there some middle way?


Free Trial has watermark on all fax pages :(

I tried to register online. The process failed. I called customer service and got a recording. Not a good indicator...

I registered and everything worked fine but am wondering when it says 70 free fax pages then .10 for additional pages why am I paying for the fax pages from the start? and not using the free pages?

I am confused by this section in the service agreement:

The prices for sending and receiving U.S. domestic faxes and sending international faxes shall be as provided in your account or on the TrustFax Pricing Page and its related links. Fax page rates apply to each 60 seconds of fax transmission time. Fax transmission times that exceed any 60 second block shall be rounded up. For example, if a 2-page U.S. domestic fax takes 62 seconds to transmit, your Account Pages will be charged for 4 fax pages, or your Fax Page Credit will be charged $0.40 ($0.20 for each page).

If a page is a 60 second block, wouldn't you be charged for 2 pages instead of 4? Or is this a multiplier; any fax that takes over 60 seconds is charged more, .i.e. a 10 page fax that takes 130 seconds (3 60 second blocks) is charged for 30 pages? Is the transmission time for each fax available?

Tad wrote:
If a page is a 60 second block, wouldn't you be charged for 2 pages instead of 4? Or is this a multiplier; any fax that takes over 60 seconds is charged more, .i.e. a 10 page fax that takes 130 seconds (3 60 second blocks) is charged for 30 pages? Is the transmission time for each fax available?

The confusing part is that they mention a two-page fax, each of whose pages are longer than 60 seconds - say, the first page might be 70 seconds and the second 80 seconds. In that case you would pay the equivalent of four pages.

Let's take your 130 second example:
A 10-page fax that takes 130 seconds would be charged for 10 pages. However, a 1-page fax that takes 130 seconds would be charged for 3 pages. A 3-page fax that takes the same 130 seconds would also get charged for 3 pages.

Mr Trustfax (whoever you are),

I just signed off an online chat on your site which was very helpful. But I still would like to to confirm a few items.

(1) What are the charges for international dialing - say from US to Europe? I didn't see a link to the charges on your site.

(2) Any plans for inbound international faxes (I know this may not be possible with toll free numbers)

(3) Pages after the first free 70 are charged at $.10 a page. Your Terms and Conditions require blocks of pages to be purchased in advance. How exactly does that work and what is the minimum block that can be purchased?

I'm one of those people who need a fax for business presense but will be an infrequent user. So your base price and pay-as-you-go feature is great. But I can't sign up if there's any chance of hidden charges, and this 'credit block' could be a gotcha.


I'm like you. I don't need to fax all that often, so I'm looking for reliability coupled with low fees. After studying all of the online fax services and reading reviews, I went with TrustFax. You can't beat the price, no fax spam, the browser interface is clean and fast. The $19.95 per year Power User account is a good deal for people like us. Heavy users would want to upgrade to the Pro or Premium accounts.

The international rates are on TrustFax's site. Look under the FAQs. The rate to most European counties is $0.14 per page. Your annual free pages (70 with the Power account) is only for domestic faxes. After you go through you allotted free pages, domestic faxes run at $0.10 per page. The minimum block is $5.00. That'll give you about another 50 pages. The only additional fee you'll pay is for a block when you need pages. The interface shows you how many you have remaining and allows you to add a block with a click.

Seems like a pretty fair deal to me compared to the other services. I just didn't want to spend over a $100 per year just for a couple of faxes per month.


First, they seem to be nice people, but being nice and a valid MetroCard will get you on a bus. Second, they have problems with people using Macs, specifically the Safari browser (earlier versions). Their response to this? Use Firefox. Personally, I am not willing to change my browser or use a different one just to do business with them. I wrote this and their reply was very respectful. "Our developers are working on the problem." This may be a good service, but I can't give you an opinion about that. However, read their terms and conditions carefully: during the trial period, if you use up your 5 pages, they will bill you for a block of pages. They don't say how much that is, but their demo indicates 50 pages at $5.00. It would be better if they told you what their minimum block of pages is rather than have you trust a demo, which may have been created some time ago. Have a nice day.

Unfortunetly we have yet to make Trustfax compatible with Macs. It is in our development schedule though..

I would like to announce that Trustfax now offers "Digitised Signatures" and "Ability to add text" to your faxes!

What does this mean and why is that important?

This means that, when you receive a form via fax for you to fill and return, you don't have to print it fill it using pen and then try to fax an old fax machine to fax it from or try to scan it into your computer to email it!

With Trustfax, you can add your signatures to your faxes and even add text to where you want on your faxes! NO MORE PRINTING!!! NO MORE PAPER and its all web based!

This is a great achievement and I am proud to announce this as this puts Trustfax as the Innovation Leader in this market segment.

This is available to any Trustfax account holder, trial or full.

Pls give it a try.


Please do tell us if you like to see any other features in Trustfax. we would like to make it the best product in the market!

Mr Trustfax

Dear Mr Trustfax,

I wrote you privately today and your company also. I would like to be able to receive faxes via TrustFax. Currently, I can send faxes from Trustfax and even fax myself via TrustFax. However, it seems no one else can do send me faxes. People who try to fax me seem to get a busy/no answer response.

I wrote technical support a few days ago when I first noticed I could send but not receive faxes. This was shortly after subscribing. Technical support sent me a very prompt email suggesting I test my ability to receive faxes by sending myself a fax via TrustFax. The two test faxes I sent came through well. Then several other people tried to send me faxes but failed, receiving busy/no answer responses.

Thus, I sent a followup email to technical support explaining that problem still existed and had not been solved. Tech support sent back a message that said "I have forwarded your mail to our developers and they will get back to you soon." That was yesterday, and today I still had not received a reply.

So today, I called your tech support number and spoke to the operator. who accidentally dropped my call while attempting to transfer me. Repeated attempts to call back resulted in a voice-mail prompt asking me to leave my phone number. I never received a call-back.

I also clicked on the "Live Assistance." I explained the situation to Mark, who said that the "developers" would get back to me. When I asked when, he did not respond.

I really do want this to work for me, but I am feeling frustrated at the moment. I hope I am not getting shined on.

Would you please help me out? I subscribed because I really need to be able to receive faxes, and if I can't through your service, I'll have to go elsewhere. It would be more hassle than it is worth to get back my money, but it will leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I actually subscribed to your service because of the tone of your previous posts on this bulletin board made me believe that your company believes in customer satisfaction and delivery of value for price.



Dear Alan

I have received your email, and I instructed the support to attend to your issue ASAP.

You will most definitely hear from them. I am sorry that it took longer than usual.
We pride ourselves at our Customer care and please be rest assured that we will make good on our promise.

Thank you for your patience.

Mr Trustfax

Great. Thanks so much for your reply. I look forward to a resolution to this problem.



Anything to help Alan!

If we don't stand behind our product and help the people who believe in us and put their trust in our product by purchasing and using it, we would be doing a disservice to ourselves.

BTW: did you try the Digitised signature feature yet?



No, I hadn't tried that yet. I usually print my faxes to a PDF and I can insert a graphic of my signature into it without a problem. I have both NitroPDF and version 4 of the full Acrobat program. Having said that, it sounds like a good tool.



Hi Mr TrustFax (and all)

It is now Friday afternoon. I sent a private email to Mr TrustFax earlier today because the ASAP support promised never materialized.

I hope I am not being shined on. I want to believe in this company. I will keep all posted as to the followup (or lack thereof) and how my problem has been resolved.

In the meantime, I only send a few faxes and do not need one of those services that charge by the month for 10 or more faxes, etc. Can anyone suggest someone reliable in case I decide that TrustFax is not?




Here is what our Engineers have said:

"This number was part of a larger problem that our service provider was having for the last 2 days.
We submitted the number as well as 8 others for service and we kept in contact with the provider every hour or so to ensure that our problem was being fixed.
Because of the major switch and software issues with the provider they would not provide a hourly status on our numbers and would not give a timeframe for a resolution.
Number reprogramming is usually a 2 - 8 hour fix. But this was not a reprogramming issue but a provider issue that effected a large portion of their customers.
Our issue of numbers not working was escalated through 3 channels when we didn't get the results in a timely manner with our provider; sales, customer support and technical engineering. We received a resolution about an hour ago that the numbers are fixed and it has been tested by Utah and Jersey support teams."

Alan, pls try and let me know...I am sorry for the inconvienience, we are dependant on our suppliers for connectivity :-(

Thanks for your patience.

Mr Trustfax


BTW: the private email you sent went to an account that I use at home, hence my late response, my apologies..

Mr Trustfax

Thanks for the info, Mr TrustFax.

I'll try it out later on and report my results here as I am at work now. I may not be able to have access to a fax machine until Monday, but I might be able to get something to test in the next day. Perhaps I can get my old fax modem to work, although that's pretty iffy.

I will also have a few suggestions to make later on. Thanks for explaining to me about your private email. I had been in the dark for a week about your supplier's problem because no one during that time let me know what was going on by returning my calls (at least two) or emailing me this information (after several requests). Nor did the live technical support person on your web page offer me any explanation several days ago and did not respond to my request for information about when the engineers would get back to me.

However, I appreciate your followup and hope that if I need technical support in the future, your staff's followup matches yours.



No problem Alan...Thanks for the patience

Here to help!

Mr Trustfax

Hi Mr TrustFax,

I did get my fax modem working. When I tried to send a fax to my TrustFax number, I still get an error message that said the fax had failed because "there was no answer"

So, a week after I subscribed, I am receiving 50% of the service I am paying for. Is it possible to give me a number that actually works? I haven't distributed it because it has failed every test I have thrown at it. What is the next step going to be? Can we get this resolved in a day, a week, or how long?

Moreover, despite what the "engineers" have said, this problem has not been solved.

I understand that you are having problems with your supplier, but with all due respect, my agreement is with TrustFax and not your supplier.



I now seem to be unable to receive faxes on my fax modem that I send via TrustFax. Maybe the engineers broke something when they were fixing something else.




Another number is not a problem.

Pls go ahead and get a trial account and see the number you get will work for you or not. If it does, let me know pls. (Trial accounts are not charged for the trial period)


Mr Trustfax

BTW: You as our customer are our responsibility, we never shy away from this.


Our Engineers have successfully sent and received using your account.

Pls check it to see if it works for you. Of course you can always go for another trial account.

BTW: we just credited your account with 50 extra pages for the inconvinience.


Mr Trustfax

Hello Mr TrustFax,

Thank you for your response. I have been in email communication with Mr. Wilson from your firm in the last several hours. He sent me a fax which I received.

I asked him if he sent it to me from a fax machine or via TrustFax as I had been able to receive a fax I sent to myself via TrustFax. As you know, my problem was that I had not been able to receive a fax from anyone else.

After work, I will attempt to send myself a fax via my fax modem. On Monday, I will attempt to have someone with a fax machine send me a fax.

I appreciate the extra 50 fax pages credited to my account. That shows a willingness to service my account. I feel a bit more encouraged as I really do want TrustFax to work for me. And I really do want to post a message here that TrustFax fixed my problem and did everything to satisfy me.



By the way, did the engineers use stand-alone fax machines to send faxes to my account while testing?



Here are the latest happenings in my quest to get this service working for me. Mr Wilson, a tech support fellow, sent another fax to my Trustfax number, this time from outside the TrustFax company, and I did receive that fax. So that is to the good. Mr Wilson stated his concern was my ability to receive faxes from outside ot the same calling area as TrustFax is in.

He suggested I have someone in my state (Washington) send me a fax. I won't be able to do that until late Monday owing to some pressing matters I need to take care of before then. He sent me his office phone number and cell phone number and asked that I get in touch with him as soon as I could Monday afternoon with the results of my experiment.

I still am not having success with using my fax modem to send a fax to my TrustFax account, nor can I have my TrustFax account send a fax to my fax modem. But I suspect I may be having problems with the faxmodem, and this is muddying the issue. So the service may well be working as well for me as Mr Wilson, Mr Trustfax, and I want it to.

So, all in all, it seems that TrustFax is definitely trying to help me solve this problem, and I am grateful for that and feeling much less discouraged.



Update Two

I was able to receive a fax that a coworker kindly sent me for a test. So it looks like everything is working well.

I am so glad to report this to all who have been following this thread.



I am glad it all worked out!

Its so important for us to have happy customers :-)

Please enjoy your Trustfax service.

Mr Trustfax


Please let me know how we can make Trustfax better.

We already have this ability to let you put your signatures and text to any faxes you receive online. This way you never need to print, fill and fax again any online forms.. all can be done online. This is a brand new feature and would love to hear your opinion on this.

Mr Trustfax