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Outgoing faxes only,
$0.14/min, deposit $10

Absolutely awesome service.

Looks as though they only do plain text faxes

Why is zipfax -still- "currently redesigning" since © 2001~:unsure:~2002 ... (3-4 years)?

How's their p-mail services?- :huh: -Their single-piece price is better than the USPS mailingonline.

Also. "17. ZIPFAX will charge nominal usage fees on a per document transmission as outlined on then rates tab of the main page. ZIPFAX will also :ph34r: charge a nominal rate of US$ 0.10 per week debited from users accounts as a maintenance fee for both administrative and operational expenses." :blink:


don't trust in ZIP FAX, i was charged $9.99 to add funds in the account and nothing happen because its been more than 3 days and the money is not reflected. But it was reflected on the paypal account in seconds. Its a scam!!!!