Need a Fax solution to support 3000 faxes/6-8 hrs

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#1 31 August 2004 - 11:56pm

Need a Fax solution to support 3000 faxes/6-8 hrs


I am looking for a fax service provider that can support our requirement to send out
upto 500 faxes/hr (peak load) and an average load of 100 / hr.

I was wondering if this is something that I could do it with a regular phone line (2-4),
Brooktrout modems and RightFax OR would a fax service provider is the
best way to go.

Appreciate your replies.


PS: This is travel booking application to send out booking confirmations.

2 September 2004 - 9:19am

Tiru Hi,

Thanks for joining the forum.

To send 500 faxes per hour, averaging 45 seconds per fax and allowing for 20% overheads, you would need (500/60 * 45/60 * 1.2 =) 8 lines for your peak times. To send 100 faxes per hour would require 2 lines. Keep in mind that you must purchase enough lines to address your peak requirements.

These lines can be either Brooktrout, Gammafax, or any other manufacturer's boards, and you would also need proper software, of which RightFax is just one fine example. See the NTFaxFAQ site for more information on hardware/software combinations.

Any one of the internet fax providers listed on will be able to provide you with outsourced services to cover the capacity you require.

3 September 2004 - 3:49pm

Thanks for your reply
If we decide to go with owning infrastructure to meet average loads (handover excess loads to one of the fax service providers listed here), I would like to know what type of phone service (analog, ISDN, T1) is recommended for our requirements.

Sincerely Thanks for your reply and appreciate your inputs


3 September 2004 - 3:53pm

Since you only need two lines to handle average loads, you could go with regular analog lines.

Do get a good fax board, such as Brooktrout or Gammalink though, with software that supports them.

I'm not sure however, how you could transparently handle overflow to an external service provider.

4 September 2004 - 6:44pm

An interesting, recent (3 Sep 04) article at informIT discusses the considerations of purchasing a fax server.

See Fax Servers: Serving Faxes More Than Ever!

27 February 2005 - 3:17am
Mr TrustFax

as long as you provide the information to us we can fax it for you hence you don't need to buy a fax server.

We operate as and will be more than happy to assist you on this.

Mr TrustFax

on behalf of the TrustFax Team.

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