Faxonline (Australia)

Faxonline are currently running a Beta test of their online fax service.

During the period of the trial you can get a free Australian fax number based in Sydney. Which will allow you to receive faxes and sending will be available shortly (likely by the time you read this post).

Some of the features available:

  • fax to email (5 email addresses)
  • web interface to view, manage and download received faxes
  • account summary
  • real time, detailed usage reports
Remember, there's lots more to come so visit the website for the most up to date list.


Note: The service is no longer free but there is an introductory offer - one dollar for your first month.

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We are pleased to announce an introductory offer for new customers.

Sign up now and try Fax Online for one month for only $1.

There are no contracts to sign and if you decide not to stay with Fax Online just let us know before one month is up that you don’t want to continue using the service.

We are continuing our commitment to be the leading online fax provider in Australia and we want to share the spoils with you, the customer.

There is no time limit on this offer but we do retain the right to withdraw the offer when and if capacity is exceeded. Also note that this offer covers only your monthly subscription component – any sent faxes and SMS attract additional charges.

Note:The $1 offer applies to monthly subscription fee only. Sent fax and SMS will incur an additional charge at our normal rates. If you do not wish to continue with Fax Online you must tell us within one month otherwise your account will revert to our normal monthly charges.