Need assistance using InterFAX Web Service

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#1 28 January 2005 - 12:31am

Need assistance using InterFAX Web Service

I tryingto use this company service " interfax ", to send fax from my web interface, but I met alot of problem with its support and type of post data..

It supported to send with PHP script but its support syuff couldn't help me in alot of my questions.

It told me to use SOAP and let my code away .. But when I download SOAP from :
as its site wrote, and tried to use SOAP I found the SOAP backage which I downloaded loosed more than one file.. So, My script also not worked.

Whaen I mailed thier support it told me :
Unfortunatelly, we are not providers of any SOAP package.

Kindly try and download from any site (such as pear).

So, can any one help me in this big problem ??????

28 January 2005 - 3:45pm


I've set up several applications for my clients using interfax's Web Service API, and have found the company's code samples and support outstanding. What does your application need to do and how are you attempting to implement it?

28 January 2005 - 9:31pm

Hello SQLer,
Thanx for replying....

I'll explain to u what I'm doing :

I want to make web2fax site ... So, I registerd in interfax website and tried to make a form to get a fax data then collect it with my PHP code and send it to interfax website via cURL function ..

when I try to send character fax to :
it sent properly ..

But when I tried to send a fax with attached file like ( send a DOC file as fax ) to this link:
It didn't work and this error appear to me :

"Cannot convert c2FsYW1hdA== to System.Byte. Parameter name: type --> Input string was not in a correct format. "

This data : c2FsYW1hdA== is the result from converting FilesData to base64.

I added all parameters such as:

Username=xxxxx&Password=xxxxxx&FaxNumbers=xxxx& Contacts=xxxxx&FilesData=xxxx&FileTypes=HTML&FileSizes=12& ....

And convert the fax data which stored in FilesData variable to base64_encode.

But this error always appears to me in all time when tried to send fax...

What about this error in this method!!!??? I hope u help me. .

29 January 2005 - 10:42pm

alfarok, why don't you try working around this, by using what has already successfully worked for you - the SendCharFax method.

Instead of creating a DOC file, you can create a similarly-formatted HTML file, which you can then submit using the simpler SendCharFax method. That way you don't have to base64-encode your data, which seems to be causing your problems.

Just make sure that you set the FileType in this method to HTML.

31 January 2005 - 2:40pm

alfarouk, in that case, it would be best to work through Interfax's SOAP interface, which is very stable.

To do this, ignore Interfax for the moment. Install PEAR::SOAP on your server and MAKE SURE THAT IT WORKS WITH ANY TRIVIAL WEB SERVICE, like one of those stock quotes or weather forecast XML Web Services, that you can find anywhere.

Only when you're absolutely certain that you have a solid SOAP installation, go back to using the interfax Sendfaxex_2 method, where you can attach DOC files or even PDFs with no problem.

My clients have already faxed out thousands of such attachments, and never had a problem once SOAP was properly installed on their server.

31 January 2005 - 9:08pm

But may u give me a complete SOAP package.

because I download a copy of it but it loosed more than one file

1 February 2005 - 2:02pm

PEAR::SOAP is available for download at Please note that it has some dependencies (files that it requires).

Additional files I have had to download for SOAP to work are PEAR::HTTP_Request and PEAR::Net (URL).

1 February 2005 - 11:36pm

Thanks for replaying.

I downloaded the Files , and the code worked ... but didn't sent any fax also.

I followed this code :

but this result appeared :

Fax submitted. Transaction ID: Object


what about "object" where Transaction ID ????????

4 February 2005 - 10:44am

You will receive this error message for any problem associated with the SOAP installation.

Make sure that your SOAP installation works with some other XML Web Service first.

5 February 2005 - 12:04am

Thanx ..

But I didn't know any other site working with XML to test this code..

I hope if u can get me a stable copy of (SOAP) because u told me that :
"I've set up several applications for my clients using interfax's Web Service API"

With interfax API system I waste alot of days without more progress.

and I trying to use SOAP because I couldn't use my code ..

may u help me ????????????

5 February 2005 - 8:19pm

Here are several sites with TONS of web services:

There is no meaning to "supplying you with a stable version of SOAP". PEAR::SOAP is inherently stable. What you need is to verify that it is stable and solid IN YOUR SERVER ENVIRONMENT. No one can do this for you, unless you give them access to your server.

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