I am new to inet faxing and have questions

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#1 16 February 2005 - 8:58pm

I am new to inet faxing and have questions

To anyone who might be able to answer some basic questions I thank you in advance.

First off, this is what I am trying to do:

1. I would like to send my customers faxes via the internet
2. I also would like to send 1000 a day, possibly less.
3. I do not want to go thru a pay per page service.
4. I would like to keep my cost VERY low (as low as possible)
5. I see there are free inet faxing sites such as tpc.int (can I do this thru them?)

I am really just diving into this fax idea and really want a cheap and workable solution. Any ideas are welcome.

I think this is probably the best place on the internet to ask these questions. If there is another that might be more suitable please let me know too.

I will be reading this forum in the meantime.

Thanks in advance,

Best, J

16 February 2005 - 10:33pm


It's possible to use tpc.int to do this, but keep in mind two things: you are making your business dependent on a voluntary project that has not committed itself to your requirements, which means that your faxes may or may not get to your clients - and - your faxes may be preceded by a cover page which includes someone else's advertising.

Other than tpc.int, if you go through this site's list of providers, you'll see that there are no services which offer fax transmission for a flat fee or for free.

You could possibly achieve this by avoiding an internet fax service. If you can get flat-rate phone lines, you could then put a fax server on these lines (see Google Directory for a list of these). An eight-line server would probably give you the necessary capacity. There would obviously be a one-time expense of buying phone lines, fax server hardware, and fax server software, plus time expenditure for ongoing administration and maintenance.

17 February 2005 - 2:09am

SQLer, thanks for the helpful advice. Im going to look into a fax server/software solution. I've been looking at those, but was't totally sure what I needed. I have a better idea now, and I think I am on the right path. J

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