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#1 4 March 2005 - 11:02am

InterFax Web Service Java

I’m trying to use this company service " interFax ", to send a fax from my PC with a Java Client web interface, but there accured a lot of problems with sending even from simple CharFax. I get constantly the errors -112. The documentation says, that the fax number isn’t correctly formatted. I am in Germany and want to send a fax in Germany. I format the fax number in such a way: +49-621-4199730. If I indicate the central telephone number of the +49-621-419970, only the telephone is ringing and I get a TransactionId back. Naturally no fax is transferred. With another telephone number it does not function at all. I do not understand what is wrong.
I would be grateful for your help!

7 March 2005 - 4:11pm

Tania Hello,

As relayed by our support team, you were simply trying to fax to a number which was not the designated fax number in you free developer account (see our Fax Developer Program).

InterFAX enables developers to send faxes for free to one destination number, which is designated upon registration (and can be changed by InterFAX support, if required). Attempting to fax to any other number returns error code -112. This is also covered in Q&A #5 in the InterFAX Developer FAQ.


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