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#1 19 March 2005 - 8:38am

Mobile Fax

Dear all ,

Sorry to talk about mobile fax here , this is internet fax forum . But hope u all can reply my little question .

I usally use Symantec Winfax pro to send & receive fax from desktop pc or laptop . But it not really "mobile" to me ! Just want to ask mobile devices like Palm . Pocket PC , smartphone can receive fax without using PC or not ? What software is available in market ? What typr of mobile devices is compatible ? Thanks for ur replay !


20 March 2005 - 12:06pm

Jeremy Hello,

Most, if not all, internet fax providers will enable you to send and receive faxes using nothing more than an email program. See our list of internet fax services.

This means that it doesn't matter what type of computer you use for email - whether desktop, server, pda, pocket pc - you will be able to use these providers for faxing.

Here's how it works: when you need to send a fax, you create a new email message, and address it in a certain way (depending on the specific provider). You then put your message in the body of the email and/or in an attachment, and send it off. The provider receives your email and faxes it to your required destination.

For receiving faxes, a provider will give you a new telephone number. Faxes arriving at this number get forwarded to your email as attachments - usually TIFF or PDF.

Note that nothing described above is dependent on the type of computer you use.

When you've selected a provider and started faxing - why don't you share your experience with this forum? :)

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