Admittedly I have not used internet faxing until now, but still this has to do with the faxing companies not my operator error.

So I sign up with Venali for outbound and Packetel for inbound.

As I'm testing everything, (by the way Ventali was stumbling out of the blocks, the activation email didn't come. Live support and phone calls and 12hours later I'm up. Packetel was a dream, less then a minute, good quality too.

So I send a "fax/email" using Venali and when it comes to my inbox it says:
"pFax from NoCallerID to 108 621 02" ( i erased a few key digits for security)
in the subject line.
So two phone calls later Venali still can't make the "No Caller ID" go away. I check with Packetel and they confirm it must be done on Venali's side.
The first phone call the guy says he puts my name in there, nothing. The second call he says he found the Caller ID area and can only put in numbers, so i give him my Packetel number, still nothing.

Meanwhile I am into over 10 test faxes now, with only 150 available with my 30 day free trail. On the third call I tell the guy there going to need to credit my account for all these tests. He says, not possible. I ask for a manager, his reply is Alexandria has already gone home.

Glad I opted for the 30 trail, this way if Alexandria doesn't credit me and resolve this issue I can tell them to go pound sand.

I mean who in there right mind would want there faxes showing up in peoples inboxes with No Caller ID in the subject line. I believe most people have filters set to send them right in the trash.

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