Oztell - Australia

I currently use Oztell for receiving faxes (amongst other things).


They are a "contact management service" which includes

voice of internet (Voip)
phone card type service
ADSL and dialup
and more......

They have fax numbers (@$1.95/month) in all capital cities.

You can subscribe to one in each city if you need to.

Monthly charge for receiving faxes is effectively $3.90 per month for up to 100 faxes.

I also use them for Voip and they have a great package for voip and fax.

I do not use their email-to-fax service or print to fax service - but they have it (for an additional fee) - I tried them for a time - they worked well.

If you are wanting an Australian supplier, they are worth a look.


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