Criteria for selecting a Fax provider

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#1 9 June 2005 - 1:03pm

Criteria for selecting a Fax provider


Page created in 2002 detailing one user's search for an internet faxing service. Most of the providers on the page do not exist anymore, but the criteria are as relevant as ever:

Criteria for selecting a Fax provider
  • Reliability - we'd love to find a provider than provides historical reports on its performance

  • Finance - We don't want someone likely to go belly-up. They should be profitable, so that they're not going to discontinue the service.

  • Generic interface - The programming interface must be standard; if we switch providers we don't want a big programming job. That's why email is so nice.

  • Good web site - if we can get answers to all my questions on the web site then it saves me a lot of time

  • Competitive pricing - it doesn't have to be the cheapest but it must be competitive

  • Monthly fees - we'd prefer to pay per fax, and not pay a fixed monthly fee. If we pay a monthly fee, it would be cheaper if we don't have to have a new fax number for each customer. That means we need a way to discover the success/failure of an outgoing fax in a way that it can get routed to the right customer.

  • Allow routing of incoming faxes - how can we send incoming faxes to the right customer?

  • Success/failure code on a per fax basis - we want to be able to provide feedback to our customers on when a fax was sent

  • Pricing is transparent - if they are upfront on their web sites about their pricing then we consider them to be a good business to deal with

  • Programmer friendly API - we need a good explanation of how to interface to their fax service with a computer program, rather than as a user.

  • Payments - it would be easier to pay by check than credit card (since we don't yet have credit cards)