Is Packetel in Trouble?

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#1 9 September 2005 - 9:03pm

Is Packetel in Trouble?

[=Times][=7]I've been a happy user of Packetel for 6 months and have recently applied to their affilate program. Problem is: no response from them. Today (9/9/05) I attempted phone calls 3 times, using the number on their website, and always received a message saying that no one is answering the phone which of course was literally true. I can't say for sure, but this is the kind of message that sounds like it comes from the telco as opposed to an automated attendant. Perhaps coming from MY telco, but regardless, they don't answer the phone.

Next, I did a search for Packetel in Milpitas CA on Google, and received a citation for a company of that name, but at a different street address and with a different phone number. Calls there were taken by an automated attendant who identified the company NOT as Packetel, but as "Internet Works." That could be a parent company, I suppose. In any event, regardless of the menu option chosen, there was always just voicemail.

Finally, I tired to FAX Packetel and not surprisingly, perhaps, the fax number DID NOT ANSWER! I tried again and then it DID answer, so my fax is there. Nonetheless, all this trouble makes me worry about the viability of Packetel - I certainly don't want to recommend the service if they're about to go under, and certainly don't want to use it myself if they're in trouble.

Anyone have a clue?

Thanks! jsgeare