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#1 13 February 2006 - 9:18am
Spain Accountants

Cephalo Fax

We are looking for an internet fax solution for our French customers, and recently subscribed to Cephalo Fax, a French internet based fax service at www.cephalo-fax.com.

After paying the sign-up fee (30 USD approx), we send ourselves a test fax from our Spanish fax number. This never arrived in our Cephalo Fax account- we contacted customer support, and they sent us a test fax, from a French number, which arrived.

We tried again from our Spanish fax number- and still no joy. It was becoming clear that the service we had subscribed to only works for incoming faxes from inside France. We sent several e-mails to customer support pointing out that this service was effectively useless for us, and requesting a refund. They have persistently ignored our e-mails.

We would therefore caution any businesses from outside France against signing up to this service.

Paul Greene
Spain Accountants
Avenida Diagonal 468,6