Any i-fax service which allows broadcasting?

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#1 7 March 2006 - 8:02pm

Any i-fax service which allows broadcasting?


I'm really new here and have a dillema which I needed some input on. The medical residency match is coming up and I need to be able to send out my application to multiple hospitals via fax. I can and will be doing it the old fashioned way but that is very labour and time intensive.

Is there an internet based fax service which will let me send one application (containing my documents which I have uploaded to them) to multiple fax numbers? Also, since it's such a busy time, the first time the fax probably will not go through, so I guess the second part of that question would be is there a service which also automatically tries re-sending the fax an X number of times?

Thanks and I would appreciate any input.

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9 March 2006 - 6:36pm

Hey Kaz,
I work at MyFax:

With our service you can send a fax to up to 9 destinations at a time and if the receiving machine is busy, myfax will attempt to resend 2 more times.

We do also have a fax broadcasting service if you are looking to send out to a lot of people. Please check out the website, if you have any questions we do have a live chat feature.

Hope I could help,


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