Number portability?

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#1 14 June 2006 - 6:33pm

Number portability?

I have an existing US number that I would like to use for incoming faxes to an Internet fax service. Are there any companies that provide this feature?

27 June 2006 - 8:49pm

Great question! I searched for a couple of weeks. There is no reason why they cannot port your number, except they must feel it is not worth the bother. THIS IS A BENEFIT I WOULD PAY EXTRA FOR!!!!!

I finally found, that will port my local number.

I am going to have a fax machine smashing party, and from then on I (and all the rest of the people in my office) are gonna sit on our fat arses sending & recieving faxes from our computers, keeping copies on our hard drives (with backups) and not bother printing out copies unless we need them for court (fat chance).

We are going paperless evrywher except the bathroom!

Good luck to you, and all those in search of LNP for Internet Fax!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :lol: :)

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