ipFax Center: The latest in network faxing

In today’s fast-paced global economy, time is money, and companies
need to do more to stay competitive. By reducing the time an employee
spends doing small tasks such as faxing, they are able to stay ahead of
the competition by concentrating on more important daily functions.

Leveraging the power of current technology, Silex Cubed ipFax Center
works together with Microsoft® Windows® to provide a fast, effective fax
protocol that allows employees to fax several documents from any
application with the click of a button. Companies that choose Silex Cubed
solutions for network faxing can deliver documents faster, thereby
improving their competitive advantage by allowing employees to fax more
documents with less wait time.

Silex Cubed ipFax Center is also ideal for personal/home use. IpFax Center
has a basic , easy to use interface that gives virtually anyone the ability to
use ipFax. Visit ipFax Online for more information or email me at .

I will be happy to answer any questions you might have! :)

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We have launched our new website for ipfax Center!!!

Please visit www.ipfaxcenter.com for detailed info on ipFax!

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