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#1 3 July 2006 - 7:26pm


I have been using a computer and fax software for several years to receive my faxes on a dedicated fax line. The cost of the line has increased and I am looking for another method of receiving my fax. (I do not need to send faxes, I send them from my computer through my regular phone line. I do not send very many faxes per month).

I have talked with CallWave and for $7.95 per month they will purchase my phone number from the telephone company and I can still used that fax number with their fax service. Has anyone had experience with this. Can they buy a phone number and does this work OK?

I have been reading the comments on CallWave. Since they have gone up on their price is there any opinion whether they might give better service with this increase in the rate. Are there any opinion on this?

Thanks for the response


17 July 2006 - 4:01pm

I just checked out and they look like they can do what you are asking for.


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