looking for advice on efax services

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#1 18 July 2006 - 9:46pm

looking for advice on efax services

I am looking to get my company's fax sent via email so when we travel everyone can view what came in. We don't do a ton of faxing or receiving less than 200 pages/ month. Does anyone one have suggestions for a cheap reliable service?


22 July 2006 - 3:09am

Hi Amy,

You may visit http://www.xifax.com. Send and receive faxes through email.

Send faxes in an instant
Send 10 MB attachments per fax
File transfer in less than 2 minutes
Receive email confirmation of your fax broadcasting
NO need for extra phone lines
NO cut-off-pages
NO burry faxes

All-in-one plan. Join us @ http://www.xifax.com

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