Need help to setup new low rate online fax service

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#1 23 August 2006 - 7:55pm

Need help to setup new low rate online fax service

Hi All,

I am researching all online fax services and found lots and lot, but not sure which one is best. Then I found this forum and thought may be I will get some help/advice from here.

I need one fax#, prefered toll free#, so anyone can fax me which I can receive in email or I can check on their site. I need fax# only to receive faxes. I am expecting 20-50 pages/month. I did some research and here what I think for each services:

eFax: very expensive
Send2Fax: $1.95/month and 0.15/page - sounds good, when your volume is very low. $10/month Inboud 200/Outbound 100 - Chaper than efax 4.95/month Local, 9.95/month toll free - unlimited inbound/0.05 Outbound 6.95/month local#, Unlimited inbound/ 30 pages outboud 12.95/month tollfree#, Unlimited inbound/ unlimited outboud - very good plan big business.

I dont know about how good they are in their services. Please input your experience to help me to decide which way to go.

9 August 2008 - 9:45pm

I may be biased (in fact - I can guarantee that I am :) but I'd invite you to take a peek at

We don't offer unlimited send/receive but we're very generous at 1000 pages (how much are you actually going to use?) Unlimited offerings in online fax services are very much like unlimited offerings in web hosting. They're counting on you not using it. There's a cost to the company offering the service so "unlimited" can't really be unlimited" unless they know that the vast majority won't use it.

Our 1000 page option is $12.95. Enough to insure you get high quality and reliable services that are up all the time. :)

Mark Madson,
And admittedly biased email fax service provider. :)

5 February 2009 - 1:31pm
Garden Owner

I had originally checked out - the guy spent almost an hour on the phone with me helping me figure out what I really needed, but they apparently are oriented towards large business (which I'm not).

However, you should check out

It is $4.95 per month, 50 pages received for free and $.05 per page after the first 50.

$10 set up fee, and includes a toll free or local number.

From what I hear, people like myfax, and yes.... efax will take you to the cleaners....

Good Luck

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