Does Memory get flushed when unplugging a fax

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#1 27 September 2006 - 8:37pm

Does Memory get flushed when unplugging a fax

Hey all, I have a Brother FAX-775

It had a cartridge error which needed replacing.

I replaced the cartridge a day later but I had some important faxes sent to me late last night.

I'm just wondering, the faxes that were sent but not processed, would they be saved in the internal memory? If so, will they get cleared from the memory if I unplugged the fax machine?

The faxes never came threw after I fixed it but I was wondering if I was at fault for unplugging the unit or would they have gone threw and printed from the memory if I left the power on and replaced the cartridge while the printer wa powered on.

thx guys

4 October 2006 - 9:27pm

That's really very dependent on the specific machine. Perhaps your fax machine's user manual might shed some light on this question?

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