Faxonline.com.au can be unreliable

I have been a user of Faxonline.com.au for what is close to a year now and up until recently haven't had any problems. Its been an efficient cost effective solution.

In the last 4 weeks however there have been days on end when the faxonline service has not worked at all. Basically it has meant I haven't been able to receive faxes! From the point of view of people sending me faxes they get a response their end saying 'technical error'.

As I use faxonline to receive signed contracts for my business this has been a major problem - and something I have not been able to resolve. On a number of occasions this has made us look really unprofessional.

Faxonline itself has extremely poor customer service - there is no telephone number on which to call up for technical support and more importantly they haven't responded to any of my emails. I am seriously considering switching to another Australian service if I dont receive any faxes this week. Wondering if anyone can suggest a reliable service, reasonable customer support and a cost of less than say $20 Australian per month?

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