is it possible to trace efaxes or trustfax?

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#1 28 February 2007 - 2:33am

is it possible to trace efaxes or trustfax?

I was wondering is it possible to trace trustax or efaxes: eg: everyone knows that all emails including web based emails like yahoo can be traced by examining the headers in the emails. I wondered if the same is true for trustfax; I have had a paid acct with them for a few months.

I asked a tech support guy from trustfax if it was possible to trace a fax from trustfax back to my isp or to my city where I access the trustfax site from(I log into trustfax, then send the fax from there; I never send the fax from an email).

The tech at trustfax(very hard to reach tech support there) said it was next to impossible since I was using their server to actually send the fax and there is no header info that is displayed on the fax on the receivers's end.
Does anyone out there know if this is wrong info(it sounds like mis-information to me)?

Anyone with any knowledge on tracing trustfax faxes or similar efaxes, please post your answer on here. Thank you very much.

15 May 2008 - 11:20pm

It may be possible to trace you from the receiving end if your fax service provider shows a caller ID. The caller ID could be traced back to the service provider, who could trace it back to a specific transaction, which could be traced back to a specific subscriber (you).

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