Three Sixty Telecom

I am pleased to introduce our fax broadcasting service to the Faxbeep forum, and would like to extend gratitude to Faxbeep for allowing me to present our services herein.

We are a UK based, international provider of Fax Marketing services, with an established presence in the UK, and a growing reseller base in Australia and the US. Potential resellers are offered extremely aggressive rates and a high quality, self branded web based broadcasting platform.

Rates are negotiable on a case by case basis. However, our price points are almost certainly one of the most aggressive in the industry. We are nearly always in a position to offer a rate far less than your current provider may be offering you. Rates are quoted on either a per minute, or per page basis. As an indicator, our current rates for UK broadcasts are around £0.006 - £0.009 depending on volume, with US rates around $0.012 - $0.02 depending on volume. Current Australian rates are around AUS $0.03 - $0.04.

All broadcasts are uploaded directly onto our portal, whereby you can schedule jobs, upload and maintain image and data files and also manage your black lists and opt outs. We will shortly be launching a SOAP XML based API to allow you to submit jobs directly from your website. At the end of each broadcast, full CDR's are available for download. During the send process, real-time statistics are available.

We have 48 E1’s of fax broadcast equipment (1440 ports) and are able to deliver around 100,000 – 115,000 faxes per hour dependent upon copy. We only use carrier grade fax boards from the leading providers (Dialogic and PIKA) and all of our systems are fully redundant (CPU, Memory, Disks and PSU). We don’t install more than 240 ports into any server, ensuring that in the event of failure we are able to continue to provide high throughput.

Any potential resellers who would like to investigate our services for consideration please get in touch with me on the following email address;

Kind regards

Matt Bates
Three Sixty Telecom

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