Free Fax2Email Service - South Africa

VBC - FREE Fax2Email

FREE Fax2Email is available as part of the Virtual Business Centre (R95.00) and also as a Free Fax2Email standalone service.

Aquanox Solutions is now providing a FREE Fax2Email service. The service allows you to receive faxes from South Africa, free-of-charge, direct to your e-mail via the unique number we will provide you with.

It’s extremely straight forward:

Click on the following link: Aquanox Fax2Email.
Supply the email address to which you would like us to send your inbound faxes
and click Next.
A new webpage will open with your uniquely allocated Fax Number – 086xxxxxxx
You will also receive an email confirmation.
The 086 number we allocate you is assigned directly to the email address you provide.

The service is available 24/7, can receive simultaneous faxes and is retrievable
globally (via Email)!
The Aquanox Fax2Email service saves you time and eliminates the cost of fax
machine ownership.

Sign up for your FREE Fax2Email service today!

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