Send to Print Driver & Receive to E-mail?

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#1 5 April 2007 - 11:32am

Send to Print Driver & Receive to E-mail?

Can anyone recommend a SINGLE provider who offers: 1) The ability to send faxes by printing any Windows file to a print driver, 2) The ability to receive faxes to an E-mail address without accessing their website?, 3) The ability to see the ongoing progress of fax sends in real-time without accessing their website?

Right now I use Winfax and Concord for sending, and it works great! To send a fax I simply "print" a document to Winfax and send it. Concord takes over and displays a series of windows (assuming I'm connected to the internet) showing me the progress of the fax and ultimately displays a window telling me the send was successful (or not), all without me taking any further action other than "printing" to Winfax.

The problem is that Symantec has discontinued support for Winfax, and apparently there's no way to do what I'm now doing once I transition to Vista.

For receiving faxes I use MaxEmail. It works great too, receiving my faxes and forwarding them to me as E-mail attachments. (My only disappointment was when they switched the attachment format from TIF to PDF.)

Can anyone recommend a SINGLE provider that can do all of this?