Large Volume Inbound - with API

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#1 3 May 2007 - 2:14am

Large Volume Inbound - with API

We currently receive about 20,000 pages of faxed documents a month. We do no outbound faxing. These faxes come into our own fax server via 4 phone lines. We have software that parses the faxes into tif files and FTPs them securely to our Hosted Server where data entry people index them into our database application.

What I am looking to do is move this process off our fax server onto a hosted service. I would need the service to be able to allow/perform the following:

1) Large volume inbound receiving of faxes with no busy signals
2) Toll free nice but not required
3) Documents will remain on the hosted service server until we gather them via secure FTP every few minutes and transfer them to our Hosted Application Server.
4) We do not want the received faxes pushed out via SMTP, as this is not secure. We would want to be able to "pull" them via secure FTP.
5) Hosting package would include either an existing GUI or a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that would allow us to see the faxes on the hosted server before they get FTPed out.
6) Limited storage space on the hosted server that would allow us to move the documents off at our own pace (via FTP).
7) The limited storage mentioned above would also allow us to write to daily flat file logs we could use for monitoring and research, which would remain on the server long after the faxes have been FTPed out.
8) We would expect to pay a per page rate for the inbound faxes, and would hope this rate could be scaled down as volume levels increase.

Does anyone know of a company that is currently doing this type of inbound processing for a company?