Fax2Mail.co.uk is UK based company, we prodominantly provide UK non-geographic fax to email numbers but also offer mathcing telephone numbers to every user. We can provide international fax numbers on request and subject to availability of course.

If you are not a subscriber to a fax to email service yet or are unhappy with the service that you have been recieving from another provider then please check out our web site or give us a call


0870 114 1000

We are so confident we can provide you with the level of service you require we offer a 30 day no obligation FREE trial, in fact unlike some of our competitors we don't even require you to give credit card details to take a trial!!!

For those of you reading this post that already subscribe to Fax2Mail please do post feed back on your experiece with Fax2Mail Limited, all the customers I speak to love us and the level of service we provide so I'm sure your feed back will be good. If you have any critical feed back and think we can improve on what we do or offer currently then please let us know.

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