How to send a fax at Xifax?

Send to be sure to use the country code without any + or leading zeros. Do not add any spaces in any part of the number. Also note the address is NOT


Enter the recipient's (ex. ) in the "To:" field, including country code, area/city code and local fax number. Use the country code "1" within the U.S. and Canada . Do not include any international dialing codes/prefixes (such as 9, 0, 011, etc.)

In the U.S. or Canada:
The number 1 305-695-4022 is entered as

In other countries:
The number +44 (0) 1752 894833 is entered as

Attach the fax to be sent (the fax can be attached from a Windows application or composed as a message in the body of the email).

Click Send.

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