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#1 13 June 2008 - 4:13am

eFax Numbers

anyone have a 928 or 805 efax number?

25 June 2008 - 2:51am

how about using a toll free number? toll free numbers should be portable so you can have it transferred anywhere anytime. i'm using smartfax.com. i pay $9.95/mo.

15 August 2008 - 3:03pm

Earlier we opened account with eFax but rates are so high for Indian clients and support take lot of time to respond…We find 2 year old Indian company http://www.faxmyway.com Delhi and Mumbai efax numbers in just $ 6 per month …Support give resolution in just 30 minutes… Great service

7 May 2009 - 7:06am

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8 May 2009 - 6:16pm

I terminated service with e-fax because of poor service and poor customer service. I was charged $10 at midmonth for exceeding my usage, which is fair enough. But the $10 charge was also on my monthly bill, it looked as if I'd been charged it again, and, while I was not in fact charged twice, it was hard to get clarification on this. Then one day several weeks ago, I kept getting notices that a fax to one address with a dedicated fax machine that never does anything else was getting answered by a person. That office verified that noone ever answers that phone. It turned out that someone answering the phone isn’t what that error message really means. Then it took two hours on the phone to verify that I hadn’t been charged for the faxes that didn’t go through. Some people appeared unable to tell me that, and nearly everyone was unwilling to tell me that. Instead, they argued with me about multiple things that they came up with to argue about, including whether I could have been billed for the calls. It happened that our Internet lines to the house were fixed and it is now possible to fax from my machine, so I got a dedicated fax line from Vonage for half the monthly cost of one line at Efax.

So I called E-fax to cancel. I called phone number after phone number after phone number. The information on how to cancel on their web site is both hard to find and doesn't work. At one point I was told that I have to cancel online, but online it eventually tells you you have to call sales. Sales and customer service kept switching me back and forth to each other. Finally I got a human, who seemed to have no idea what to do, disappeared, and never came back on the line. I tried chat - twice. He kept disappearing for long periods of time, and it took 15 minutes to carry out a transaction that should have taken three minutes tops. He also tried to argue with me. A copy of my report on this chat is included.

it is true that e-fax continually entices people with free trial extra fax numbers, which are free until the trial period ends, and then, if you weren't paying attention, they've got you.

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