GoDaddy Fax Thru Email Problems

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#1 1 October 2008 - 5:36pm
Fran Bailey

GoDaddy Fax Thru Email Problems

Has anyone else had multiple problems with GoDaddy's Fax Thru Email?

I've had 3 service outages in the past 2 months with GoDaddy's Fax Thru Email.

The Friday before the Labor Day Weekend I was on vacation and used a commercial copy/fax shop to fax myself a contract so I could email it to someone without a fax. When the fax didn't arrive via email, I called GoDaddy. They said they would work on the problem. A couple of days later it still wasn't fixed. I asked if I would get a credit for the service outage and was told that GoDaddy doesn't provide such credits. A week after I first experienced the outage I called them again and was told that it has been fixed 2 days earlier!

In mid-October I purchased 100 additional minutes and applied the credit to my account, but the minutes didn't appear on my account. I called GoDaddy and was told that it was a system wide problem. The next week when my new "month" of minutes should have been applied to my account they weren't. This time GoDaddy did give me 2 months credit for my inconvenience. It took them a week to fix the problem!

Yesterday my office sent me a fax, but 2 hours later it still hadn't arrived. I called GoDaddy and they said they would work on the problem. It still isn't fixed.

For the 3 previous years GoDaddy Fax Thru Email has worked fine for me, but after the horrible service of the past 2 months, I cannot recommend it.

27 November 2009 - 11:57am

Godaddy services just very horrible. They are good for domain names but not for other services.

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