unique incoming fax #'s / API

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#1 7 April 2009 - 9:24pm

unique incoming fax #'s / API

We're currently building out a flexible data entry system for our clients which requires us to have a unique fax number for each client (right now in the 10's, soon to be in the 100's).

Does anyone have suggestions for a fax service to manage this? We'd like to programmatic create a fax number for each client that signs up, and have it routed to a custom email address that we then use for data processing.

We're looking for a fax service that's affordable as well as sophisticated enough to configure through an API (we can't spend time having a person configure fax settings for each client that signs up).


8 April 2009 - 6:03pm

FAXAGE - http://www.faxage.com

We offer an API that can provision numbers as well as do the basic sending/receiving of faxes and also allows for call detail record access so that you can bill your downstream clients. We have clients with thousands of numbers using this successfully to provide their own fax services, either on an application basis as added functionality or offering their own fax services using us as a back end.

Currently, you would have to create a user for each email in the system and then assign it to be routed for inbound (about 30 seconds worth of work) if you want your inbound via email ... although you could just use the API to pull your inbound faxes instead and parcel them out on your end.

Either way, though ... we'd be open to working with you on extending the provisioning functionality if that seems like a better route to go.

The documentation is here:


Please let us know what else we can do to help. We'd welcome the opportunity to earn your business.


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