Packetel - You should stay away from this company

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#1 25 June 2009 - 11:12pm

Packetel - You should stay away from this company

I had a very bad experience with this company. A year ago, I got an eFax number from them and paid online. The transaction was easy and quick. Then I started to use the service and did receive my first test fax through my email. I was happy. Then I use the fax number on my new business cards.

A few months later, I realized I haven't received any fax through this number for a long time. I tried to access my account but my access got denied. I called them and they helped me logged onto my account. Then I found out my account information has been changed. Someone changed my account username and password and changed my account email to their email. I felt so scared since my account has stored all my billing and payment information.

Immediately I did a search of my fax number on the Internet and found the same number was using by someone who was operating illegal service from a foreign county!! The email they were using is the same email they used in my account!!!

I wanted to contact that company and ask them why they steal my account, but I didn't. I was afraid because they have all my personal information...

I contacted Packetel immediately by phone (after many times attempts) and they told me send them my receipt and they would investigate. I did what they told me and never got any response. I sent three emails in two weeks to and never got response. They never picked up phone when I called.

I don't know how my account was accessed by someone else. I learned a lesson - be really careful when purchase online and never deal with anyone who are unprofessional.

I canceled my account recently through phone. They said they didn't receive my emails. When they asked me to send them a cancellation confirmation through their email, their received my email immediately. Just don't trust them.