Simply take your office with you - GTC InterFAX makes it possible

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#1 2 September 2009 - 8:48am

Simply take your office with you - GTC InterFAX makes it possible

Sending faxes is very easy with GTC InterFAX service:
it just works like sending and receiving e-mails. And you don’t need a fax machine, you don’t have to install any special software, and you don´t need any extra lines!
Send faxes with the GTC InterFAX service with no basic or monthly fees! You’re charged only for each successfully sent fax page, based on destination country (see price list).

Even documents of your handheld can be printed by GTC InterFAX: Documents which are difficult to read or e-mail attachments can be forwarded to a fax for printing. No particular hard- or software is needed worldwide. Just a handheld (PDA, Blackberry, Smart Phone...), with e-mail function is neccessary. Click here for further information.

In addition faxes can be received without a faxing machine: Receive faxes with internet fax reception numbers by GTC-InterFAX-reception in Germany, Austria or switzerland and in several countries (e.g.: USA).

Completely effortless with GTC InterFAX:

* Send faxes quickly and reliably – straight from your e-mail application.
* Also available via your e-mail function of your PDA, Blackberrys and so on - documents can be printed out easily everywhere.
* No additional software, no fax machine, no extras lines required!
* No built-in advertising
* Automatic redial if the fax fails to go through
* Simple and convenient management of fax distribution and documents.

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