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#1 14 October 2009 - 1:33am

Fax program

I have a computer with a dial-up modem that needs to be repurposed as a fax machine with a very specific requirement:

Every month, for each client's file, I need to send out a page that has been signed by a client, along with a cover sheet. So, two pages. I already have about 250 files.

Each cover sheet has some different information on it, but it's basically just a template with different "to" information on it. If the program can draw from a database, great, but I'll input it into the program as well so long as I only have to do this once. It also has to be able to figure out which scanned page in the directory belongs to which database entry.

The program will then send the template cover letter and the scanned page. I simply click a couple of buttons, lock the door and go home, the next morning when I come back it has printed out a confirmation/error sheet for each fax sent during the night.

Then, next month all I have to do is keep adding more database entries for new files.

Does anybody know of an existing computer program that will do this?

If not, can you suggest a site that might?

26 November 2009 - 7:51pm

Its a process called Fax Broadcasting. With a dial up system, this may not work. I would suggest that this be contracted out to a company that specialises in Fax Broadcasting.


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