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#1 26 April 2004 - 2:04pm

Receiving Email By Fax

I have a client who would like to recieve email forms submitted from his website on his fax machine. I find lots of services for sending email to a fax machine, receiving faxes by email but nothing, so far that will do what I need. They are simple forms the customer fills in then clicks submit and it is emailed. I have tried a fax service ( and it works, but only if the form is delivered to my email and I set that account up in Outlook Express to forward it to the Pincity account which faxes it. But I don't want to use my or the clients email address as then there are problems with receiving malicious email. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!


27 April 2004 - 4:03pm

Mary Hi,

Any one of the email-to-fax services will supply what you require. You need to make sure that the "From:" address in the outgoing email (the one with the information collected from your form) is the same address as the one you have set up with your faxing provider.

Set the "To:" address in your form script to the fax number at which you wish to receive the fax. This will usually be in the form of, and depends on your fax gateway provider.

Once you send the email from your form, the provider will accept your message and send it out as a fax.

There is little chance that spam will reach this address/fax since it is a very unique combination of numbers and letters.

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