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I have been with Innoport for 7 months. I have had to call their support department (I think it's one guy and his dog) numerous times to clear up busy signals on the line. The explanation is always that it is some kind of "rare" equipment problem. But why should I be the one to report it? They should have automated uptime tests in place. And how many times has this happened that I didn't catch?

Worst problem yet came Friday July 28, 2006. Delivery of faxes were over 1 hour behind. This gives your sender the impression that you received the fax when you won't yet for over an hour. It about messed up a deal for me until I figured out what was going on and plugged in an old paper fax machine to close the deal!

I immediately put in both verbal and email requests to speak with someone at Innoport about this but I have yet to receive a call or email reply.

You get what you pay for. I will be headed back to either paper fax or my own software based fax service. The monthly cost is about the same and I don't have to worry about "rare" equipment failures or worse yet false positives with long delivery delays. Fax to email is a great idea; outsourcing it isn't!