Concordfax by Concord Technologies


Allows integrated faxing from within the following software packages: WinFax Pro 9.0 10.0 and TalkWorks Pro 2.0.

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Monthly subscription for outbound service*: $4.95

Sample destination prices* for internet fax service:

U.S. and Canada $0.07
Argentina $0.65
Australia $0.19
Brazil $0.55
Chile $0.45
China $0.89
Colombia $0.59
France $0.25
Germany $0.25
Hong Kong $0.29
India $0.89
Ireland $0.29
Italy $0.29
Japan $0.29
Mexico $0.38
Netherlands $0.28
Russia $0.79
Singapore .35
South Africa $0.69
Sweden $0.20
Switzerland $0.29
Taiwan $0.55
United Kingdom $0.13

* As per the provider's website, 6/2004

I have Winfax 10... Have no idea why Symantec gave up on it. It is unbelievably practical when you get to know it... but yes it has given me a few problems too

It is totally incompatible with Vista

Do any fax operators other than concord allow winfax documents to be sent via internet?

Thank you